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May 23rd, 2016

Ways To Choose A Commercial Meat Slicer

Obtain the Finest Cuts and Bring out the very best in Your Meats!

All meat slicers are not produced equal. If you are the proprietor of a dining establishment or delicatessens of your own, you possibly recognize this also well. So, if selecting the commercial meat slicer has actually obtained you thinking, no worries. The complying with lines have been written by like-minded individuals who wish to aid you on your mission for meaningful goodness.

Picking a Commercial Meat Slicer that Fits Your Needs:

A meat slicer is utilized to earn uniformed pieces of meats, veggies, poultry products as well as a number of other food items that are utilized in a restaurant. Before leaving to your dealer, it’s crucial that you find out just what types of foods you are visiting slice and in exactly what quantity. When it comes to picking a business meat slicer for your dining establishment, this will make a big difference. While cost-effective meat slicers are good for tiny dining establishments or cafes, you could want to look for something a little bit bigger and of a better top quality if you are running a full-fledged dining establishment or deli. Analyzing the dimension of the carriage is likewise a smart idea. This will give you a great idea of the quantity of food you could feed with the slicer.

Pick a Type:

Just like how the modest kitchen area cutlery knife and general objective blades which are utilized around the residence come in lots of various forms as well as dimensions, office meat slicers are no various. The adhering to are some of the classifications which you could possibly pick your industrial meat slicer from.


The light-duty slicers are the entry-level meat slicers which can be also made use of for the periodic cutting and also dicing, such as meats, cheeses as well as soft vegetables etc.


The medium-duty slicers can be found in at the intermediate degree. This suggests that while it can be used for cutting a number of types of meats, it is ideally not to be used continuously to avoid pressure on the blade.


Your durable slicers are the rock stars of the cooking area. They are constructed for being made use of for continuous slicing as well as managing extreme cutting tasks around an industrial kitchen area.

Electric, Manual or Automatic Meat Slicers:

Meat slicers come in three basic groups where to select from. One is the manual meat slicer, one more is its electrical version, and the 3rd is the automated meat slicer. Light-duty electric slicers are ideally made use of in your home due to the fact that they are not that bulky, are easy to clean as well as gone along with a hundred watt electrical motor. The density of the pieces can also be changed which is an added advantage. Should the demand arise to change broken or subsided parts of the meat slicer, the parts as well as components are quickly available from any place it is you acquire your well-known slicer or any kind of specialty shop. Electrical has a mild advantage over those that are manually operated when it comes to the industrial meat slicers. Additionally, proprietors of dining establishments and others in the food market favor going for the medium and heavy-duty meat slicers. That’s since dining establishments are a lot more busy when it involves preparing meals, which boosts the demand for them to have far better, more effective as well as much longer long-term meat slicers which they can rely on. There are the automatic meat slicers. Automatic meat slicers are beasts in the cooking area. Although being small in size, these hunky turbo charged machines can down out almost sixty slices each minute as well as have their own integrated self analysis system. The automatic meat slicer additionally confirms to be a fantastic choice when it comes to business usage. After that the horsepower of your machine will certainly count, if you are going for the heavy task variation of the meat slicer. The horse power of electrical meat slicers range from 0.3 HP right approximately 3/8HP. So, take your pick.

Always Go for Stainless Steel:

Needless to say, the blades of a commercial meat slicer are utilized for slicing not just meats and vegetables, but likewise icy products, so the blade should be constructed from either carbon steel, solidified stainless-steel or surgical stainless-steel. They need to additionally have an integrated blade sharpener to keep the slicer blades knifelike.

Sizing Up the Blade:

Yes, dimension does matter, particularly when it concerns selecting blades. If you are in search for a meat slicer (as well as you most likely are), the size of the blade will depend upon the quantity of foods you are visiting be cutting. Smaller kitchen area procedures need smaller sized blades like, 8′ to 9″, while the size of the blade of your slicer will should be larger if the volume of slicing in greater. Blade sizes typically vary from 9′ to 14′.

Safety and also Sanitation:

It doesn’t end after selecting the finest meat slicer for your dining establishment. Stopping tragic circumstances must additionally be high up on the list when purchasing a meat slicer for your dining establishment.

Finishing Note:

Currently that you are armed with all this details on the industrial meat slicer, all you require to do is head on out to the restaurant equipment store and also purchase one that matches the expense. Merely one last idea to sign off with, if you are trying to figure out where to save your business meat slicer as soon as you’ve bought it, there are a couple of areas in a restaurant’s cooking area that can house your meat slicer quite nicely. Up, there’s the cooking area island table that gives easy accessibility to the slicer whenever a little cutting is called for. As well as last but not least, another choice for maintaining the office meat slicer would certainly be, on a movable platform, such as a regular or hefty duty cart. Like the name implies, putting the business meat slicer on a movable platform will certainly indicate that it is never in any individual’s method and also could consistently be moved to anywhere it is needed in the kitchen area. So, there you have it, virtually everything you will certainly need to know before obtaining an office meat slicer for your pizzeria, chop-house or Bijou Ritz. A meat slicer is used to make uniformed slices of meats, vegetables, poultry products and also several other types of food things that are utilized in a dining establishment. One is the hand-operated meat slicer, one more is its electric version, and also the third is the automated meat slicer. Should the requirement arise to replace damaged or put on off parts of the meat slicer, the parts and components are effortlessly available from anywhere it is you acquire your branded slicer or any kind of specialty store. Currently that you are equipped with all this information on the office meat slicer, all you require to do is head on out to the dining establishment equipment store as well as purchase one that suits the costs. Merely one last tip to sign off with, if you are attempting to figure out where to save your industrial meat slicer once you’ve bought it, there are a few places in a restaurant’s kitchen area that could house your meat slicer quite perfectly.

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